Monday, November 25, 2019

Timeline of Major Events in the History of Persia

Timeline of Major Events in the History of Persia This Persia timeline of major events is based on a Library of Congress Persia timeline. For an introduction to this area now generally known as Iran see Extent of the Persian Empire: An Introduction to Ancient Persia and the Persian Empire. Iran (Persia) Timeline of Important Events Early Historyc. 3400 B.C.Elamite kingdom emerges in southwestern Iran and Mesopotamia.c. 2000 B.C.Nomadic peoples Scythians, Medes, and Persians move from Central Asia to Iranian plateau. [See Tribes of the Ancient Steppes.]6th Century B.C.c. 553-550 B.C. Cyrus II (Cyrus the Great) overthrows Median king; becomes ruler of Persia and Media; founds Achaemenid Empire.539 B.C.Cyrus captures Babylon, releases Jews from captivity.525 B.C.Cyruss son Cambyses II conquers Egypt.522 B.C.Darius I becomes king; re-establishes and extends empire, carries out administrative reorganization.5th Century B.C.490 B.C. Darius invades Greek mainland; defeated at the Battle of Marathon.4th Century B.C.334 B.C. Alexander the Great begins Persian campaign; completes conquest of Persia and Mesoptamia, 330 B.C.323 B.C.Death of Alexander; division of empire among generals; Seleucids emerge as principal heirs in Iran.3rd Century B.C.247 B.C. Parthians overthrow Seleucids; establish own dynasty.3rd Century A.D .A.D. 224 Ardeshir overthrows last Parthian ruler; establishes Sassanian dynasty with capital at Ctesiphon.A.D. 260Shahpur I wages campaign against Romans, takes emperor Valerian captive. 7th Century637 Muslim armies capture Ctesiphon, Sassanian Empire begins to crumble.641-42 Sassanian army defeated at Nahavand; Iran comes under Muslim rule. Related AchaemenidsSeleucidsThe Parthian EmpireThe SassanidsProblems of Historical Evidence About Ancient PersiaTimeline of the Greco-Persian Wars

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